Timberlab鈥檚 New East Coast Facility Reaches Full Capacity, Marking a Milestone in Mass Timber Construction

We are thrilled to announce that , 番茄影视’s affiliate company and a nationwide provider of holistic mass timber systems, has reached full operational capacity at its newly renovated 75,000-square-foot East Coast facility in Piedmont, South Carolina. This milestone signifies a major advancement in the mass timber construction industry, offering high-quality glulam kits that reduce construction noise and accelerate building processes.

Celebrating Our Strategic Expansion

The grand opening event was a significant celebration, highlighting our commitment to innovative and sustainable construction solutions. The facility, equipped with two state-of-the-art CNC machines and room for future expansion, is set to produce up to 1 million square feet of mass timber fabrications annually.

Meeting Market Demands and Promoting Sustainability

The strategic choice of Piedmont for this facility leveraged the area鈥檚 skilled labor pool and its proximity to high-growth markets such as Atlanta, Charlotte, and New York. This location enhances our supply chain capabilities and addresses a critical gap in mass timber fabrication east of the Mississippi River.

Chris Evans, President of Timberlab, emphasized the facility’s role in driving the adoption of sustainable, low-carbon building materials across the Eastern United States. “Now that we鈥檙e at full capacity, Timberlab is equipped to exponentially drive the adoption of this environment-forward building platform from coast-to-coast,” Evans stated. “We鈥檝e already seen the impact we鈥檝e made with glulam producers and suppliers throughout the Southeast, enabling them to fully participate in the commercial, prefabricated mass timber industry 鈥 and, ultimately, making it more accessible to adopters.”

Showcasing Completed Projects

The facility鈥檚 output has already been utilized in significant 番茄影视 projects, including:

Live Oak Bank Campus (Wilmington, NC): A 67,000-square foot, 100% mass timber, four-story structure designed to achieve LEED Silver certification. This building accommodates 200 employees and showcases the potential of mass timber in commercial construction.

The Joinery: Phase Two (Charlotte, NC): A 350,000-square foot luxury apartment community developed by Space Craft. This project features two seven-story buildings with two levels of concrete podium topped with five stories of a hybrid cross-laminated timber (CLT) and prefabricated structural system.

Driving Future Growth and Employment Opportunities

Timberlab’s facility contributes to sustainable construction and offers significant employment opportunities in the region.

Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability

As mass timber construction continues to gain traction, Timberlab’s East Coast facility is positioned to lead the charge. According to Timberlab, the number of projects incorporating mass timber has doubled every two years, and this trend is expected to continue for the next 15 years. Our commitment to providing a regional platform for sustainable building materials is set to accelerate the mainstream adoption of mass timber construction.

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