Charlotte Fire Department Firehouse #30

Project Location
Charlotte, NC

City of Charlotte

ADW Architects


General Contracting


番茄影视 Office Location
Charlotte, North Carolina

Sustainability, Civic, Mission Critical

番茄影视 is providing general contracting services for the construction of Charlotte鈥檚 first all-electric fire station. The groundbreaking project will be a symbol of the city’s dedication to sustainability. The two-story, three-bay facility will set a new standard for municipal buildings in Charlotte and across North Carolina. The design goes beyond mere aesthetics, as it embeds energy efficiency and sustainability at its very core.

The innovative facility is not merely a replacement for aging Station 30 but a bold stride into a greener, cleaner future. The project also serves as a testament to Charlotte’s commitment to its Strategic Energy Action Plan. The plan aims to transition municipal operations entirely away from fossil fuels and form a carbon-neutral footprint across all city-owned buildings. The plan’s ambitious scope mirrors a growing recognition of the urgent need for climate action at the local government level, ensuring that public infrastructure can lead by example in the race against climate change.