Parking Garage Construction

Driving Innovation and Sustainability: Redefining Parking Garage Construction

When people think of cool and innovative construction projects, many do not think of parking garages. However, these often overlooked structures are quietly revolutionizing our urban landscapes, bringing new technologies that help drivers, provide environmental sustainability, and reduce expansive parking lots and neighborhood congestion.

Imagine endlessly circling a parking lot, searching for a spot like a needle in a haystack. Enter modern parking garages equipped with smart technologies that guide drivers to available spots, transforming a tedious task into a seamless experience, reducing stress, and creating efficiency.

Innovations in Parking Garage Construction

Modern parking garage construction is at the forefront of sustainability, embodying green building practices that significantly reduce their environmental footprint. Many are built to accommodate electric vehicles, with charging stations ready to serve the growing number of EV drivers. They often feature solar panels that power the structure and contribute excess energy back to the grid, along with water conservation and native landscaping. These eco-friendly designs are not just theoretical; they are increasingly becoming the standard.

Aesthetically, parking garages are evolving from utilitarian eyesores to architectural masterpieces. Some feature stunning facades that blend seamlessly with their surroundings, while others boast public art installations, transforming them into cultural landmarks. These structures are now celebrated for their design and contributions to urban beauty.

In essence, parking garages are evolving from simple car storage facilities into dynamic, multifunctional assets. 番茄影视 is nationally ranked #2 by Building Design + Construction as one of the 2023 top parking garage construction firms. We combine industry-leading general contracting services with self-perform capabilities to craft parking garages at any scale. Our expertise allows us to provide value and efficiency from the earliest design concepts to the final structure.

With 36 million square feet of parking garages built, we excel in various traditional delivery methods and offer Perq, a pre-designed, pre-engineered garage for enhanced speed to market. Our teams handle all aspects of construction, from in-house BIM detailing to self-fabrication, ensuring efficient regulation of project schedules, quality, and cost.

5 Projects Redefining Parking Garage Construction

Ilani Casino Parking Garage, Ridgefield, WA

番茄影视 completed the design-build of the Ilani Casino Parking Garage, offering 2,600 stalls across six levels. Spanning over one million square feet of cast-in-place concrete and two million square feet of finished surface, the design incorporates a tiered speed ramp system, EV charging stations, and state-of-the-art parking guidance. Security measures include audio and visual systems with over 1,700 security cameras, ensuring clear sight lines across all levels and pathways.

Strategically, the structure comprises four separate structures to meet seismic separation requirements. During the design phase, shear walls were removed for security and future flexibility and custom expansion joints were added to comply with seismic regulations. This design allows for future expansion to over 4,000 spaces. , a 番茄影视 affiliate, self-performed all structural concrete and rebar work, including deep foundations and post-tensioned concrete.

UCHealth Anschutz Campus Parking Structure, Aurora, CO

Serving over two million patients annually, 番茄影视 constructed a new parking structure at the Anschutz Medical Campus to meet growing demands. The six-story, 422,135-square-foot includes two stair towers and an elevator core providing 1,310 parking spaces, including 132 ADA-compliant spaces. An elevated pedestrian bridge connects the structure and the hospital.

Meticulous coordination minimized disruptions during the installation of the elevated pedestrian bridge. To protect immunocompromised patients in the adjacent cancer center, 番茄影视 worked with UCHealth infection control staff to design a safety barrier ensuring optimal temperature, air quality and pressure, thereby eliminating the risk of physical contact.

San Diego International Airport Terminal 1 Parking Plaza, San Diego, CA

Enhancing the passenger experience, 番茄影视 and Watry are replacing the existing Terminal 1 Parking Plaza (T1PP) at San Diego International Airport. The team, known for its successful collaboration on the award-winning Terminal 2 Parking Plaza, are working together again on this design-build effort.

The construction of T1PP will be done in two phases. Phase 1 will feature a five-story structure with 2,285 parking stalls designed to function independently from phase 2. Stage 2 will add another five-story structure with 2,396 stalls. Together, both stages will provide an impressive 2 million square feet of additional parking space for travelers.

Sustainability is a key focus for the airport, and the T1PP project aims to achieve Parksmart Gold certification. The new facility will include numerous EV charging stations and reserved parking for clean-air vehicles. Additionally, a sophisticated stormwater management system will enable the airport to capture and reuse over 39 million gallons of rainwater annually.

Downtown Georgetown Austin Avenue Parking Structure, Georgetown, TX

To improve downtown accessibility and reduce neighborhood congestion, 番茄影视 is partnering with the City of Georgtown to build a mixed-use four-story parking structure. The structure will provide two access points featuring vertical circulation areas positioned at opposite corners for easy access to the 315 parking stalls. Accessibility also includes an elevator and two stairwells.

The concrete parking structure鈥檚 facade blends with the downtown aesthetic with brick and limestone accents. Storefronts are on the first and second levels, while the commercial space exudes modern appeal with its storefront facade, complete with deep aluminum canopies. This commercial area will serve as a hub, providing office and meeting spaces for Downtown and Tourism City staff.

California Avenue Parking Structure, Palo Alto, CA

番茄影视 constructed the new 219,900-square-foot California Avenue parking structure, which offers 627 parking stalls, over 40 EV charging stations, more than 50 bicycle spaces and a cutting-edge parking guidance system. With four levels above ground and two below, the structure blends with the neighborhood through a cascading exterior staircase, ceramic tile fa莽ade, cementitious panels, terracotta baguettes and pedestrian seating.

The structure incorporates sustainable practices in water conservation, landscaping, building materials, energy efficiency and native habitat protection. It is designed for future expansion with provisions for over 120 additional EV charging stations and a rooftop photovoltaic system.

Bioretention stormwater planters capture and manage runoff, creating seating areas for native birds and providing rain gardens for efficient stormwater treatment and irrigation.

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